Single-minded strategic thought:

Gain Position As National Leader in Commercial Roofing

Convergence Utilization


Service Utilization

Sales Strategy
Vendor Management
Digital Presence Creation
Article Publication
Digital Strategy Alignment

Total Organic Audience

Social Media Weather Alerts, Lead Nurture, Trade Events


Total Organic Audience

Meet Eric Schultz. He’s an owner of a swanky property management firm in downtown Dallas who currently browses the net for good contractors. I help you not only to reach Eric, but to nurture him from browser to raving fan.


Helmed Companywide Rebrand 

From a new logo to new signs, all they’re missing is a new website.

In a digital world, no website equates to poor credibility.

2-9 – Company WIG Meeting & Potluck (13)

Roofing Company. Marketing Ambitious.

Castro is among the roofing industry’s top marketers.

Working towards making both roofing and safety, sexy. In a sense.

Active Partnerships

Castro has active partnerships with hundreds of vendors, supply companies and property management firms, however there are a few that stand out. Infusionsoft and GuildQuality both help keep the company informed on audience sentiment and customer satisfaction for instance. Partnerships with MYM, GKIC and the Newsletter Pro must be cultivated and fed a constant supply of content, feedback and referrals.

Digital Prescence

Castro Roofing has a digital presence all across the web, however has strategically worked towards building its online reputation within digital trade communities like ISN Networld. As a B2B company, its needs aren’t in the consumer roofing field, so its focus is that of commercial multi-property owners.  As Castro expands, its digital footprint will too.

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